The Walt Disney Company Technical Director in Hollywood, California

It’s the magic of immersing yourself in a motion picture masterpiece, or a new track from your favorite band, or the spectacle of a live Broadway show. It’s hard to define and even harder to create, but that’s what we do at The Walt Disney Studios. Ours is a culture of innovation, collaboration and creativity. We raise the bar, then step over it, blazing trails through the production and distribution of world class entertainment around the globe. If you want to help tell compelling, enduring stories through movies, music or stage plays, then we want to hear from you.

The El Capitan Theatre is seeking an experienced Technical Director to join the theater management team. Responsibilities generally include management of all technical aspects of the El Capitan Theatre and related facilities. The El Capitan Theatre is consistently among the highest grossing single screen theaters in the country featuring live stage shows, world premieres, and other special events in a historic facility utilizing state of the art technology.

Candidates must be creative and possess deep technical entertainment background and production skills, be a strong leader, communicate well, have the ability to work well under pressure, and be a team player. Previous experience required.

Long, flexible hours may be required, including weekends and holidays. Candidates may also be required to assist in other roles as part of the overall theater management team.

Responsibilities :

  • Facility Technical Systems

  • Manages, operates, & provides training for the use & operation, maintenance, repairs, & upgrades of all facility technical systems such as cinema & video projection & screens, sound, lighting, video, scenery, show control, stage rigging, automation, digital marquee, electronic displays/menus, electronic show elements, & entertainment displays in the theater’s public spaces, interactive kiosk, CCTV, cable & in-house video display network, Wurlitzer pipe organ, organ spiral lift, hi-speed stage lift, fly systems, special effects, Heavy Machinery, & other technical infrastructure.

  • Responsible for all fire life safety systems. Works with Disney Studio Fire Marshall to make sure that the theater’s life safety systems comply with all govt. mandated testing and certification.

  • Responsible for the operation and maintenance of all components of the theater’s architectural lighting system—conduit, wiring, lighting instruments, fixtures, lamps, and controllers including the replacement of burned out lamps above the six feet level. Includes the Wall of Fame display cases, concessions counters, and various lobby and Lower Lounge display cases.

  • Monitors and maintains the auditorium aisle lighting system.

  • Specifies, purchases/rents, and maintains the theater’s two-way radio handsets and repeaters.

  • Labor Management

  • Schedule and oversee union & non-union crews including projectionist and assistant technical directors.

  • Process payroll including time sheets and employment related documentation

  • Budgeting

  • Develop and implement fiscal operating and maintenance budgets

  • Special event and project budgeting, Contact vendors / suppliers for quotes

  • Provide PO and authorize services / purchases

  • Work with the production team to determine and adhere to 10-year maintenance plan

  • Live Productions

  • Work with the production team to clarify needs and determine budgets, technical equipment, support personnel, and timetables necessary to stage the shows.

  • Overseeing all technical preparations.

  • Working with crew as rehearsals progress to be sure scene changes are carried out smoothly and safely.

  • Maintain archival video/photograph documentation for all events & exhibits

  • Coordinate / Schedule all requirements to facilitate the load-in/load-out and restoration of the facility

  • Be fluent in premiere pro in order to properly encode/load playback equipment

  • Program Tait Navigator to timecode for all curtain moves

  • Send/receive timecode to the appropriate locations for all necessary production needs

  • Cinema

  • Schedule and supervise continuity rehearsals

  • Schedule projectionist & projection engineers schedule for special events and rehearsals

  • Maintain film audio system & Rack equipment & organization

  • Facility Rentals/Outside Productions

  • Interface with the client and coordinate technical, labor and facility requirements

  • Schedule and direct local labor

  • Coordinate the rental and billing of Special Equipment - forklifts, man lifts etc.

  • Distribution of ACAD drawings and technical information

  • Provide BVTI Rental Equipment and process billing

  • General

  • Define and manage project technical scope based on management goals, timeframe, and budget.

  • Create, coordinate, and maintain multi-departmental schedules

  • Interface with different vendors / studio regarding building maintenance issues.

  • Transportation/shipping logistics

  • Oversee technical and creative production for live multimedia presentations.

  • Perform annual physical inventory audits

  • Establish and maintain inventory control policies and procedures.

  • Continually review project statuses, cost and addresses issues as appropriate.

  • Enforces safety standards, company policies and procedures, and ensure fire/electrical/building code compliance.

  • Walt Disney Studios Special Events

  • Occasionally the technical director will be utilized in support of other productions outside the theater

Job ID: 585073BR

Location: Hollywood,California

Job Posting Company: Studio Entertainment