The Walt Disney Company Executive Director, Sales in Shanghai, China

This position is responsible for leading the sales team to achieve the annual targets and contributing to the Shanghai Disney Resort’s overall business results. The individual is required:

  • To plan, develop, execute and implement sales and trade marketing strategies and plans, integrating with the SHDR AOP and Integrated Communication Plan to optimize business results.

  • To provide leadership to the sales team to ensure effective execution of the sales plans and trade marketing plans, and to ensure that the sales team are professionally representing the Shanghai Disney Resort and the Disney brand when conducting day to day sales activities.

  • To collaborate with other LOBs of Shanghai Disney Resort in contributing to the overall goals and priorities including revenue generation, cost management, Cast Members development and other business objectives.

  • To partner with Marketing, Digital Business and Corporate Alliance and other LOBs to pursue new business opportunities for Shanghai Disney Resort and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Responsibilities :

  • Business Planning and Strategies: to achieve the annual sale target through developing sales and trade marketing strategies and tactics. Anticipate business challenges ahead and evolve plans promptly to ensure the delivery of annual targets.

  • Leadership and Sales Management: to ensure that all plans and actions are well executed in an efficient manner. Provide support and supervision to sales team to ensure that the day-to-day operation is conducted effectively. Work closely with other LOBs to ensure operation efficiency and delivery of guest experience.

  • Cast Member Development: develop and manage a team of sales professionals to achieve sales goals and cast excellence. Partner with HR and other LOBs to establish short and long term staffing needs; Manage the day-to-day operation and provide guidance to the Cast Members to develop their functional and leadership capabilities.

  • External Partnership: to develop and strengthen relationship with trade partners and relevant industry leaders to explore business opportunities and to obtain market intelligence.

Basic Qualifications :

  • Business Expertise

  • The incumbent has to have sharp business acumen and excellent business sense, be alert and analytical. Experience in travel trade is preferred but not essential. The key to success of this job holder is: thorough up-to-date understanding of product distribution especially in e-commerce; a broad business knowledge base that spans across evolving guest behaviors, industry dynamics, research methodology, financial projection, needs and gaps analysis, latest sales and distribution technologies, etc.; understanding on how Shanghai Disney Resort LOBs operate from a product fulfillment and service delivery standpoint.

  • Strong sales, marketing experiences, and project management skills are required. The person needs to possess a proven track record in leading a diverse and sizable sales or marketing team to achieve high business goals.

  • Problem Solving

  • The incumbent will need to expand, manage and drive business from a diverse portfolio of travel trade partners, with trade partners operating with different business models. The incumbent will require strong negotiation skills and creative sales and marketing ideas or co-op models to motivate these partners, at the same time solicit internal and other LOBs support to achieve defined sales goals in a collaborative manner.

  • Nature an Area of Impact

  • This job is pivotal to growing revenue from all third party channels and corporate. Secondly, this role needs to keep abreast of the consumer, travel trade and business trends at global, regional and segment level so as to make sound judgment and recommendations in changing business rules, contracting models, sales and distribution technologies, connectivity and payment solutions to make Shanghai Disney Resort sales organization ahead of competition.

  • This role is also important to introduce in-trend and trade-friendly business rules, models and systems to uphold SHDR’s market competitiveness and to lay down effective enablers and solid foundation for sustainable business growth in medium and long term.

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • The incumbent has to possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills and to manage your own team, other internal and external relationships. Good presentation and negotiation skills are key, as you often needs to present new business ideas and develop mutually beneficial relationship with trade and internal partners. The job also requires you to represent the company at different sales events or trade functions when and where appropriate, and hence you need to be adequately presentable and sociable.

  • Decision Making

  • The incumbent makes a lot of high level strategic decisions that has impact not just on the Sales team but also on the entire company, such as business focus and priority, organizational structure, etc.

  • For strategic projects, which imply long-term business impact and championed by specific task forces, the jobholder will have to process an enormous amount of information when you take part project meetings, go through related documents, and collect feedback and recommendations on the concerned areas from both internal and external stakeholders. The jobholder will have to make decision on which areas are relevant to sales team and trade partners, and when to voice out concerns and suggestions.

  • Other Skills

  • Fluent English and Chinese is necessary to perform this job and the jobholder needs have a deep understanding the culture and trade practices and protocol.

Additional Information :

Keyword: SHDRProfessional

Job ID: 603760BR

Location: Shanghai,China

Job Posting Company: Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products