The Walt Disney Company DATA STEWARD (F/H) in Spotswood, New Jersey

Data Steward F/H

At the heart of the Data & Advanced Analytics team is directly involved in the growth and strategic development of Disneyland Paris.

By integrating the Decision-Making division, we design and implement decision-support solutions in cross-functional areas of business (from ticketing to merchandising to catering and hotels). They collaborate daily with data scientist, data steward, data engineer and business analysts.

Thanks to their expertise, they contribute to the valorization of the data to make them levers of creation of values and thus work to the renewal and the improvement of the experience of our visitors.


The Data Steward is responsible for the quality of the data, its documentation and its adaptation to the needs of the company, including adding information (or meta data) that overqualify the data and provide real added value (Master Data Management).

Responsibilities : Responsibilities :

  • Understand the needs of the various business divisions of the company and its information systems.

  • Adapt the data to the business needs, ensure its understanding and use.

  • Updating business repositories

  • Standardization of the data (semantics, format, definition, ...).

  • Creation and update of the following reference documents: Data Dictionary, Data Model, Flow Mapping and Main Business Processes, Data Lifecycle (traceability, archiving, destruction, ...) related to business needs and regulations,

  • Guarantee the quality of the data (uniqueness, accuracy, completeness, integrity, freshness).

  • Establishment of quality requirements, creation and monitoring of indicators, assessment of the impacts of non-quality of the data.

  • In the case of duplication due to different business contexts, definition of the reference data.

  • For data external to the company (open data, ...), verification of the origin as well as the level of confidence.

  • ​​Manage the obsolescence of data, information and processes by removing irrelevant or inappropriate material.

  • Guarantee the integrity of reference data (CRM, MDM, etc.) throughout their life cycle.

  • It masters the data architecture, manages the corresponding projects, and ensures compliance with the audit and control procedures. It collects, plans the availability, integrates and validates the reference data (customers, products, ...).

Basic Qualifications :

Skills sought

• Project Management and Interfaces with IT teams

• Knowledge of database administration and operating tools.

• Knowledge of ETL integration / data transformation solutions.

• Mastery and understanding of the processes and rules of use of the data.

• Mastery and understanding of different data models.

Qualities sought

• Rigor, organization, curiosity, perseverance, autonomy, motivation and proactivity.

• Versatile, collaborative spirit and facilitator.

Required profile

• Higher education in computer science (Bac + 5), justify at least 3 years in the work of the data.

• You are fluent in English in a professional setting (level C1)

Job ID: 602191BR

Location: Spotswood,New Jersey

Job Posting Company: Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products